Refund Policy

We know that, in this uncertain period, anything could happen and force us to reschedule our plans, both organisational and participatory. We offer a flexible refund policy that considers the work and the expenses that we encounter during the event organisation.

Seven Serpens and Quick Bite!

  • Refund until 31 December 2023: 70% of the entry fee.
  • Refund from 1 January 2024 to 29 February 2024: 50% of the entry fee.
  • No refunds after the 1 of March.

Illyrian Loop

  • Refund until 31 March 2024: 70% of the entry fee.
  • No refunds after 1 April.

If the event is cancelled as a result of COVID-19 local restrictions, natural disasters, war, strike, legal interventions, major accidents during the event, pandemics, lockdowns or similar causes, Seven Serpents’ Organisation will reschedule the event. In this case riders will chose between two options: 1) keep the place for the rescheduled date; 2) for a limited time, a refund of 50% of the entry fee.
Once the event has begun, no refund will be offered if it is cancelled, postponed or rerouted.
In case of adverse weather or risky conditions the track might be partially rerouted. No refunds will be offered in this case.

The refund policy will be strictly applied. For any questions you can contact us at