Quick Bite!

Seven Serpents: Quick Bite! is the smoother and “shorter” version of Seven Serpents! From Ljubljana to Trieste, May 5th 2024.

It’s a route for riders who want a good warm-up for the season, with a mostly smooth gravel and almost no hike-a-bike sections. 520km x 10.000m in order to have a great bikepacking experience!

Do you want to give a good push all the way to the finish? Or maybe you prefer having a more relaxed ride to approach the gravel/bikepacking scene?

Route Highlights

Starting from Ljubljana the route heads south-west crossing some amazing natural and cultural highlights such as Bistra Monastery, Predjama Castle and Postojna. Right after the famous village (due to its caves) you’ll climb one of the toughest climbs of the route, the Sveta Trojica hill right before descending to Cerkniško Jezero, a nice lake not far from the Croatian border. You will cross two more castles Grad Snežnik and Grad Mašun before entering Croatia.

Now another hilly section before heading to the island of Krk. You’ll enter the island by riding the Krčki Most, the huge bridge that connects the two pieces (actually three) of land. Krk island will be lovely, riding close to the seaside and reaching some very nice viewpoints. Passing by the village of Vrbnik you’ll head to the beautiful village of Krk, right before getting the ferry boat that connects Valbiska to Merag.

After a short ferry boat trip you’ll finally arrive at Cres island. Here you will encounter some paved sections before heading north, where you can spot griffins flying around you! A gravel path close to Beli will lead you to the next ferry boat, the one from Porozina to Brestova, in the Istrian peninsula. Right after Brestova you’ll head to Vojak but without reaching the very top, you’ll be riding in the Učka Natural Park. From here you will head to the small village of Hum. After this beautiful village you will climb few small hills until you’ll slowly downhill to Trieste direction finally arriving at the end of this amazing journey.